Travel tunes

I don’t know about you but music is so important as an element of any trip. I think the best part of it might be hearing that song later and being instantly transported back to a place or time with amazing memories. For example, Dynamite (Taio cruise) takes me back to a ski trip with the girls at 18. I remember Where is the love (Black eyed peas) playing in the yellow cab we got out of at Ground Zero on a family trip in 2004. And Before I fall to pieces (Razorlight) reminds me of travelling Austria with my parents at 14, my first holiday as an ‘only child’. 
In the days of Spotify Premium and being able to have WHATEVER I want downloaded onto my iPad, as well as millions more songs when I can get wifi (which is like 95% of the time right?!) I can’t imagine travelling without a sound track. These are my current go to’s- the songs I like to think that when I look back, it’ll be fond reminiscing of different travel trips in my early twenties!

Castle on the Hill

Starting strong with a bit of Ed ❤ 

You cannot not dance along to this banger. That’s a challenge! Just after this song came out I went down to Melbourne for a long weekend to stay with a friend, and he hired a car and we spent ten hours driving Great Ocean Road. We played this song. A lot. It was perfect. We were spamming our friends at home with videos and photographs, we were singing as loud as we could and we were doing all sorts of body percussion. A definite for any road trip. 
La Bomba

One of my best mates and I started a fantastic hobby when at uni- an all inclusive Easter holiday! This song is a guarantee after a couple of poolside rum and cokes in the sun- we know all the reps dances and I’m pretty sure we’ve both used it as a warm up for KS1 PE lessons #primaryteacherlife 

It’s a classic holiday tune, and it’ll always put you in a good mood. 

I have to admit, I have a love/ hate relationship with this song. I loved it, then I overplayed it and hated it. Then I discovered Mr DeMaio. And Mr DeMaio’s six times table song. It was a game changer for the six year olds I taught, and within a week or two we all knew it word for word (and they all know their six times table inside out- thank you Mr DeMaio). Now, if I hear this song I struggle to not sing the alternate version- whether that be at 3am on New Year’s Day or at a house party in Sydney. It is a great party trick, and the original song is a great roadtripper. 

As is the six times table version. Check it out. I dare you. 

If I Had Eyes

Just a chilled out, classic holiday tune. I can feel the sunshine turning my face gloriously golden already. A must

Shut up and Dance

This is another song that reminds me of my teaching days! I used to dance around the classroom to this song, and the children all thought it was hilarious. It’s such a happy song, I can’t help but sing and dance along. It’s a mood changer and especially on a scenic drive it really makes me smile. 

Out of my System

This song is slightly expletive, but definitely speaks the truth! I have met so many people that I think this song is true of, although I like to think I have better standards than some of this. I think it is so important to travel, to adventure and to see the world, and I think Youngr perfectly captures the essence of this. Listen to it. 

Next to me

A friend sent me this song when I was on a family holiday up in Northumberland last year. The next day I had a horrible knee injury (children’s play ground related dislocation and destruction of cartilage), so spent most of that trip immobile. This song is romantic in a funny sort of way, and I like the dance element of it. It sums up confusing feelings and I feel like I related to it so strongly. 

‘If my dreams will let me be, will you come dancing next to me’,


I love this song at the minute! It’s a real summer belter, a real road trip song and this will definitely be one of the songs I will reminisce with my trip to Australia. It’s a bit more dancy than I would usually choose- I had a friend play it to me, but I decided I really like it myself!
Forever Starts Today

This was a song that I heard for the first time on a plane on my way to Sydney, on a one way ticket. Wow. It spoke to me. Have a listen and you’ll totally understand why. The world is my oyster and I have fantastic opportunities before me! 
Waiting on the Summer

This is such a happy song, and I often did spin classes to it in Sydney. The summer comes so slow and it moves so fast. That exact sentiment had been how I had always felt about summer holidays. This song makes me thankful for my year of chasing the sun. 
Born to Win

This is one of my favourite walking songs. I feel powerful, accomplished and successful when it comes on shuffle if I’m out for a walk! I grew up in a house with brothers that played the piano and 100 years by Five for Fighting was a family favourite. This song has a similar vibe, and I feel like it’s become my adventure song, it makes me feel independent and I feel like it is full of truth. 

So hear we are, The future’s now, The time, your time, has come, The stage is set, The lines are drawn, Today you’ll shine, my son, Earth is shaking, Don’t be scared…

Time of our Lives

This is very much a song for times of transition. It reminds me of leaving university. It’s chilled, it’s very easy listening and the sound of Tyrone Wells voice makes me swoon. This whole album is great car music- just as long as you’re not already tired! This is a song I think I will feel the relevance of more once this experience is over. It’s all about gratitude and being thankful for what has happened. I like that view of life. 

I love this song. I loved singing it during my time at Hillsong church. I love the affirmation it brings when travelling solo in a place you don’t know. I would really struggle to do this kind of trip without knowing I have a God that loves me. 
Go check out some of these songs, and let me know what you think! Have you got favourite adventure tunes?