I have an iPhone.

A iPhone 5S.

It’s like three years old. 

The battery life is shocking
It’s become a running joke between me and my friends that if I’m not contactable, not to worry, my phone is probably just dead- classic Rach. I spend my life carrying a charger and looking for somewhere to top up my phone charge. I probably haven’t treated it well over it’s life time, leaving it to charge over night and never letting it run to empty.

Why am I telling you this?!

This weekend I’m staying in the rainforest in Punakaiki, New Zealand. That means, three days with no signal wifi texting FaceTime whatsapp instagram Facebook snapchat twitter contact with the outside world. I forewarned my anxious parents so that they wouldn’t worry more than they should. But I didn’t tell the rest of the world. That I’m off the grid

The place that I’m staying is awesome. It’s in the middle of nowhere and the kind of place where you can hear the waves and see the milky way. 

I’m spending this weekend how I want to. I’m eating what I want to when I want to. I’m sleeping in. I’m watching the sun change position in the sky while listening to the waves smashing the rocks, and then the stars take over to rule the night. I’m reading, writing, stretching, listening to music and praying. I’m recharging
It made me think about phone life. I feel like I’m modern life, we’re always contactable, always so connected to anyone that needs us. I feel like I’m living my life in that zone between 50% and 30% charge. Enough to make do, but not enough to really do

It’s so important to sometimes stop, invest in you, and come back with your battery fully discharged and then charged up to 100%. A weekend in the rainforest is a great way to do this.

Self care is imperative. Make time for it.


When you wish upon a star…

I’m currently spending a month in New Zealand, mainly the South Island. 

I knew enough to spend a decent chunk of time in Queenstown. 

Like, a full week. 

Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world. 

I was not disappointed, and I had the most fantastic week there. I didn’t do any of AJ Hackett’s crazy activities. I did eat a Fergburger (two, actually). I didn’t do a sky dive. I did hike to the top of Ben Lomond. I didn’t swim in the lake at night. I did drink cocktails from a teapot at World Bar. 

As most travellers in Australasia do, I was looking at ‘book me’ for deals in things that I might be interested in. And I found one. The highlight. Stargazing at the top of the skyline. 

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved looking up at the stars. As a sixteen year old I chose to study a physics a-level, and one of my favourite holiday memories is looking at the stars from the deck of a ship in the Arctic circle. 

Queenstown star gazing took my breath away. You could see the whole milky way- there was almost no light pollution. When looking at the stars, I cannot comprehend how people could consider that there isn’t anything greater than us. A greater being. 

In the psalms(147:4), David writes ‘He counts the stars and He knows them by name‘. When I let that settle in, it blows my mind. As a Y2 teacher, we did a topic on space, and as we learned together (!) we discovered that there is more stars in space than all of earths grains of sand. Indescribable. In Genesis (1:14) there is a throwaway line ‘He also made the stars‘. Our God is that big that creating the immeasurable amount of stars was no biggie. Looking up at the night sky and the infinite beauty it holds reassures me in the love my Father has for me. Why wish upon a star, when you can pray to the one that created it?! 

Fast forward

Wow. It’s mid March already. Great New Year resolution IMG_0041.JPGRach!

Things have changed significantly since I was last here, I’m currently perched on a top bunk in a dorm room of eight in the sleepy ‘town’ of Franz Josef, which today, is engulfed in a cloud. But still, life is good and I’ve got a fair few thoughts that I want to share. Bear with me…